NOTE: Trapezium is a type of quadrilateral or a bone in the wrist under the base of the thumb. I opted to change “trapezium” to “trapezius” since “trapezius” is a muscle that originates form the base of the skull to the clavicle, relevant to the keyword used. Thank you! TRAPEZIUS INJURIES IN THE CERVICAL SPINE A custom made organic latex mattress may help people suffering from RSIs or repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries. RSIs are a collection of conditions that place excessive strain or stress on a musculoskeletal tissue or a joint. Upper trapezius injuries are categorized as RSIs. The trapezius muscle is divided into the upper, lower, and middle fibers. The upper trapezius runs from the ligaments of the posterior neck and the skull to the clavicle. It is the muscle that side-bends, extends, and rotates the neck. It also elevates the scapula. Injury to the upper trapezius muscle is manifested by tightness or knots in the upper straps. This is brought about by the overuse of the said muscle group. Irritation and stress occur because repetitive motions do not allow the upper trapezius muscles to rest. Symptoms and Causes of Upper Trapezius Injuries of the Cervical Spine Below are some of the symptoms of Upper trapezius injuries of the cervical spine:
  • Tightness and stiffness of the trapezius muscle
  • Burning pain at the base of the skull, extending to the area between the shoulder blades
  • Spasms in the upper trapezius
  • Inability to rotate shoulders and neck
  • Chronic pain
Here are some of the common causes of this type of injury:
  • Overuse of the trapezius muscle
  • Carrying very heavy objects on your shoulder
  • Computer and desk work (stagnant positions or lack of movement)
  • Holding a phone between the shoulder and the ear
  • Poor posture
  • Improper habits at work
  • Poor ergonomics in the work station
  • Weight lifting workouts
*** Repetitive stress is the main cause of upper trapezius injuries. A Good Custom Made Organic Latex Mattress Helps Relieve Trapezius Injuries Aside for exercise and massages, you can also help treat trapezius injuries by using custom made latex mattresses as you slumber. Custom made mattresses adapt to the contours of your upper and lower back muscles. You don’t have to suffer from bad sleeping posture, which aggravates your condition. It is a fact that we all perform repetitive actions with our upper body because of work and chores. It is inevitable that the trapezius muscles become injured. Recuperation happens during sleep. With a custom made latex mattress, your spine is aligned properly, providing an opportunity for it to heal faster. A custom made organic latex mattress can definitely change your life and your health as it helps you with your trapezius injuries.
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