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Our contour pillows are custom made organic latex pillows designed to suit your individual sleeping requirements. Each contour pillow is manufactured  using your individual NCI neck compression index. If you’re looking for the best pillow for neck pain, you’ve found the answer.

Your organic latex pillow is custom made. Your measurements are taken using our internationally patented measuring system then reviewed by one of our specialists to ensure the custom made organic latex pillow is constructed in such a way that it is ideal–the best pillow for your build and sleeping habits.

Please note: Your measurements will be asked for at checkout.

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Pillows Made to Measure is a world first in being able to offer you a customized pillow that suits your individual sleeping needs plus the unique health benefits of our 100% Certified Organic Latex.

In fact it is the only pillow in the world that you need to be measured for before you can buy one.

You will be asked to add your individual measurements at the checkout page.



“For the past few years I’ve had horrible neck pain, And when I found this pillow I was a little skeptical but I shouldn’t have been it works wonders, I wake up feeling better each day, It has really helped improve my neck pain.” – Katie

“My husband bought me the Contour pillow a few months ago and I love it. I had to go to the doctor a few times with neck problems. They kept telling me that I’m sleeping in the wrong position or something like that. Using regular pillow was throwing me out of alignment. Since I’ve started using this I haven’t had nearly as many problems with my neck as I did before. The fact that it is machine washable and the organic latex allows cool air flow so that stays cooler is just an added pleasure.” – Linda Taylor

“Best pillow I have ever used” – James Mason

“THANK YOU! Finally, I’ve been trying to find a pillow that stops me from waking up with a stiff neck. It’s also nice to know that it’s environmentally friendly, I don’t know how many pillows I’ve gone through. I only wish I’d found it earlier.” – Killian Forney

“Finally a decent night’s sleep! I used to sleep with my arm under my pillow to get it the right height. So I kept waking up with a numb arm after a restless night. Now I’m sleeping soundly through the night, and no more numb arms!” – Susan Wick

“I have lost count as to how many pillows I have purchased only to discard them .
They were either to high to flat to soft to hard or to smelly as in toxic , all those chemicals I was breathing in is a scary prospect .

Finally at long last I have the sleep made to measure pillow it’s really the goldilocks pillow as it’s just perfectly right totally natural and chemical free , it ticks all the boxes that’s necessary for a good nights sleep as in your neck and head supported with the exact amount of give that’s required
I wish I had this pillow years ago it’s like sleeping on a cloud ☁☁☁”
– Eleni

“My Sleep Made to Measure pillow is fantastic. Its wonderfully supportive and I love that its customised specifically for me.
I undoubtedly experience a more restful night’s sleep and awaken completely refreshed in the mornings. For a prolonged period of I woke with a stiff neck and sore shoulders. Since using the new pillow the neck and shoulder issued have disappeared.”
– Kim B

“Received my pillow 2 days ago and love the support it gives my neck, am quite sure I am sleeping much better now.I love how it is equally comfortable on the back and side. Extremely happy with purchase. thankyou.” – Shona Macintosh

“I would like to say thank you for my less interrupted, drug free sleep since I have been using one of your pillows TR” – TR

“Hi I’m Alisa. I’ve used a Made to Measure pillow for the 3 years and found it brilliant. In fact when I travelled for 1 Year overseas I took the travel size with me! I especially like that the pillow is manufactures “green” and that its allergy free, as I have always been sensitive with allergies

My partner Elik and I now live outside pf Australia. We were so excited that Made to Measure has gone online- we were able to order Elik his own pillow and have it shipped directly to us ! We couldn’t believe how easy it was

Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful innovation!” – Alisa

“I am about to purchase my second pillow and this time will be buying one for my husband. We have just purchased a new king mattress which is much firmer than our old one. Although my hips and lower back fell 100% better, my old pillow is just not suitable due to the extra firmness of the mattress. I had no hesitation to re contact this company for their expert help. I wish I could have afforded one of their mattresses 🙂” – Kym Cole

“WOW! I’ve suffered from neck pain for the past twelve or so months now after an accident at work. Having gone from chiro to chiro and getting nowhere I cam across this product…and BOY AM I GLAD that I did! I’ve never felt better and more refreshed after a night’s rest.

I would strongly recommend this pillow to anyone who seriously wants to shift that pain in their neck and wake up to what life is meant to feel like.” – Jason Boon

“Before trying the ‘Made to Measure™’ pillow, my sleep was light and interrupted. I was constantly suffering from stiffness and pain throughout my neck. During the night I would toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position, often with little luck.

Now after just a week of using this revolutionary pillow I feel amazing. No more tossing and turning. No more neck pain or stiffness. But best of all, really great UNinterrupted sleep!!!

Thankyou Sleep Made to Measure” – Declan Stern

“I was a restless sleeper – never getting comfortable and would wake up constantly throughout the night. I thought it was the room, noise and sorts of other things – I never imagined it was my fluffy pillow.

Since using this pillow, made for me, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night. It truly is amazing and I feel so much better. I have used the pillow now for over a year and it still looks and feels new! Love it!” – Jay Mendez

Our Delivery Promise

As all sleep Made to Measure products are made in our socially responsible factory in Sri Lanka and shipped directly to you
we use both UPS and Fedex to guarantee delivery directly to your door.

Both these International couriers allow both you and us to track you order.

About Our Latex

On the inside, 100% certified organic latex has an appearance similar to a honeycomb. This allows air to flow through it better. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties in the cells and naturally prevents dust mites from settling in it. That means it is hypoallergenic.

Because this is one of the most perfect products in the world, there is no need to add dangerous chemicals to the latex. There are no dangerous chemicals, or fire retardants in it. This is different from the petrol based foam products that fill the shelves at big box stores.

Another great thing about 100% certified organic latex, is that it is recyclable. When these products reach the end of their natural life, you can break them down into smaller pieces. You can then add it to the compost pile in your garden and actually add to the nutrients in it. It is also a sustainable and natural resource, which allows a community to thrive and to earn a living. That means each time you buy a custom pillow, you continue to help a struggling economy and the planet.

Our latex is ethically grown, our pillows are ethically created and everyone who comes in contact with Sleep Made to Measure or works for us in any way is fairly and reasonable compensated for their work.

100% certified organic
100% Compostible
Allergy & Mite proof
Carbon Neutral
Chemical Free
Can reduce neck pain
Healthy for you
Can reduce back pain
Good for the Earth
Made by a Chiropractor
Custom made to you
Made for how you sleep
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