Traditional Mattress-Organic Latex

Our organic latex  mattress provides a natural healthy sleep as it is made from healthful organic latex that is non-toxic and has no residue from pesticides.

The 2 layers and 6 inch thickness provide for a comfortable night’s sleep. You may select from soft, medium or firm.

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Our range of traditional mattress organic latex is the perfect start to a healthy sleeping environment. It is made from two layers of our unique 100% Certified Organic latex and includes a quilted organic cotton cover.

The mattress is built to support your lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and spinal cord. Revitalize your system with comfortable, healthy organic latex that supports your body while you sleep. This eco-friendly mattress is a benefit to you and the planet.

The traditional mattress, organic latex is the best way to promote a healthy sleeping environment. Our organic latex mattress is made of two layers of 100% certified organic latex and includes a quilted organic cotton cover.

The organic latex mattress can be fitted to all bed sizes or can be customized to suit.

Assembly is as simple as laying out the three-sided quilted cover on your bed base and placing the three layers on top of each other in the right order. The mattress is 6 inches thick and features 2 layers of organic latex, designed for your absolute comfort. The layers are encased in the softest of organic cotton and have a hidden zipper so there are no harsh edges.


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