Organic Mattress Topper Without Straps

Price From: $195 USD

Using the same materials and design as our popular strapped mattress topper, this option gives you the flexibility of going strapless, which can be beneficial if you have an oversized mattress.

As with all of our latex products, the organic material used in this mattress topper will eliminate dust mite problems, while providing a cool sleeping surface without chemical irritants.

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You might be surprised to learn that one out of every three people have an allergy of some type or experience an allergic reaction daily.. Allergens and dust are present in every home, leading to sniffling, sneezing and stuffed heads.

We recognized the need for a product range that fights allergic reactions and symptoms. Our innovative new organic latex mattress topper is a proven allergy barrier that can help to prevent swollen sinuses, runny nose and watery eyes that are related to an allergy to mattresses or other bedding.

It is easy to use and provides a comfortable rest.without replacing the mattress or effecting the feel and style of your existing mattress.



“I’ve been living by myself for quite a while and since my divorce, I couldn’t find a proper comfortable mattress. I had been buying those Cheapo Depot things that aren’t very comfortable. Believe it or not my ex recommended sleep made-to-measure. I found a wonderful mattress topper that was nice and thick, so it is very comfortable to lay on. It has straps on it, so it will stay in place. Being made of organic latex it is not only tough, but it is also easy to clean. That is one of the things I was looking for.” – Thomas Blackwater

“I purchased this mattress topper in order to use it on my trip to Alaska this year. I used it on top of the beds on the cruise ship and it did a wonderful job of helping to alleviate my allergies. I will never travel without it again.” – Jenna Wright.

“No more sneezing all night Thanks” – Lilly

“great product! sleeping soundly knowing I’m protected from dust mites.” – Kevin Hardy

“Its amazing how your simple idea of a allergy barrier has really work for me! I now longer wake up with block sinues” – Kay

“I loved that fact you can easily take it off and air it. I would suggest that the outer cover could be a bit thicker” – Mary

Our Delivery Promise

As all sleep Made to Measure products are made in our socially responsible factory in Sri Lanka and shipped directly to you
we use both UPS and Fedex to guarantee delivery directly to your door.

Both these International couriers allow both you and us to track you order.

About Our Latex

On the inside, 100% certified organic latex has an appearance similar to a honeycomb. This allows air to flow through it better. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties in the cells and naturally prevents dust mites from settling in it. That means it is hypoallergenic.

Because this is one of the most perfect products in the world, there is no need to add dangerous chemicals to the latex. There are no dangerous chemicals, or fire retardants in it. This is different from the petrol based foam products that fill the shelves at big box stores.

Another great thing about 100% certified organic latex, is that it is recyclable. When these products reach the end of their natural life, you can break them down into smaller pieces. You can then add it to the compost pile in your garden and actually add to the nutrients in it. It is also a sustainable and natural resource, which allows a community to thrive and to earn a living. That means each time you buy a custom pillow, you continue to help a struggling economy and the planet.

Our latex is ethically grown, our pillows are ethically created and everyone who comes in contact with Sleep Made to Measure or works for us in any way is fairly and reasonable compensated for their work.

Non Toxic
Chemical Free
Allergy Resistant
Bacteria Resistant
Dust Mite proof
Certified Organic Latex
Carbon Neutral latex
Organic Cotton Cover
Good Ventilation
No petroleum foams
Naturally healthy
Fully compostable


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