Crib Mattress – Organic latex

No artificial products such as foam are used in the manufacture of these organic latex cot mattresses and playmats, ensuring the best health for your children as well as the best support while your child is asleep.

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Price: $295 USD

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Not Available In The United Kingdom

Sleep Made to Measure children’s cot or crib mattresses are part of our line to promote better sleeping habits and healthier breathing. Having your toddlers and young children sleeping on a healthier mattress will ensure that they’re aren’t breathing in any toxic off-gasses.

Our products are carbon and chemical free! Sleep Made to Measure also carries the seal of social responsibility! Sleep in comfort knowing that you’re helping to keep our earth just as healthy!

Infants aren’t the only ones who have fragile lungs and developing immune systems. Having your toddlers and young children sleeping on a healthier crib mattress will ensure that they’re aren’t breathing in any toxic off-gasses.

  • Our Cot/ crib Mattresses offer the correct support while following the SIDS guidelines.
  • Offers different support levels as your child grows.
  • Supports your child’s growth and helps establish a comfortable and sound sleeping pattern.
  • Easy to remove – easy to clean and dry.
  • Size: 130 x 70 x 10 cm.
  • Two distinct layers of 100% Certified Organic Latex so that you can offer your child comfort and support in their first year plus by simply rotating the layers you can offer them the extra support they need as they grow.
  • Inner Jersey cover over each latex layer.
  • Outer lightly quilted organic cotton cover which is machine washable and dryable at low temperature settings.
  • Outer cover is zipped on three sides for easy removal.

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  1. Debra Muntingdale

    This is perfect for my daughter. It offers different options of support to accommodate her as she grows.

  2. Jane willison

    Your cot mattress helps us all sleep!~newline~Our daughter now sleep all night.~newline~Thank you

  3. Ruth

    So happy and impressed with this purchase. Complete convert to latex too. Son has slept brilliantly on this mattress for 18 months now. He tends towards a having a warmer body temp but doesn’t seem to have slept hot on this at all. After a lot of research, this mattress’ non-toxic, organic, ethically and environmentally conscious credentials were just what I was after, and I’m really pleased with how its worn. Still looks and feels as new. Customer service was also excellent – very responsive to my numerous product questions and queries about delivery.

  4. Catherine B

    I love the simple design and comfort you have built into your cot mattress, my daughter sleeps so much better.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Buying a cot mattress has meant we all sleep better now! Thank you, my son now sleeps through the whole night.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Finally! something that is comfortable and easy to clean.

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